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Hi, I am Katie, the editor at The Wellness Periodical. I am so excited that you want to know more about what it means to find healing, and wellness in a holistic fashion. I truly believe that by doing so you can be your healthiest, happiest self in the most natural way possible.  Once you download my e-book, check out the home remedies book below.  This is a great addition to the e-book and it will tell you all you need to know to start making your own natural health and body care products.

Check out this recommended addition to my Holistic e-book!

One of my very favorite books that I often use as a resource for creating different remedies is the “Home Apothecary” by Ashley English. This book is full of recipes to create your own natural health remedies, body oils, insect repellents, facial care products, scrubs, balms and so much more right from your own kitchen! I highly recommend this book to anyone just starting out in this holistic lifestyle, it will seriously kickstart your future of making your own 100% natural products!

(link will direct you to Starwest Botanicals for purchase)