Why Detox

I have been getting a lot of questions on the subject of cleansing and detoxification of the body. How to do it, where to start, what to eat, how to exercise, and simply…why detox? I want to get into some history, and answer some of these questions to ultimately demystify detoxing.

What is Cleansing and Detoxification?

Cleansing and detoxification are practices that have been utilized and implemented in ancient medicine traditions including Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine. During the cleansing process, the focus is on resting and eating mindfully or fasting while nourishing the body and healing from the inside out.

Cleanses and detoxes not only work on a body level, but also can offer purification of the mental and emotional body. Many traditions also incorporate yoga, meditation, relaxation and other techniques to calm the system and promote healing. When the body is under stress it will have a hard time healing, but when the body is relaxed, the healing mechanisms can begin to take place and facilitate healing in the body through cleansing and detox.

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The body has many ways of detoxing itself and the body was designed with organs specifically to support the detoxification process. The liver works to break down toxins and other elements that are consumed or contacted, while the kidneys
metabolize and excrete waste from the body through the urine. The skin is also a detoxification organ where toxins are released through the sweat.

Detoxification or a “detox” may include one or more of the following practices: fasting, drinking only juice or other beverages, eating certain foods while eliminating others, using herbs, engaging in colon cleansing, eliminating environmental exposures to toxicity or utilization of a sauna. The goal of detoxification is enhanced functionality of the liver, kidneys and other organs that excrete toxins.

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Cleansing is a form of mindful eating which includes repairing the gut health. Cleansing can include cutting out certain inflammatory foods like eggs, gluten, dairy, sugars, processed foods and more. Cleansing is a process that facilitates detoxification by eliminating allergens and implementing more mindful eating.

How does Detoxing Happen?

The process of detoxification means cleansing of the bloodstream. The process of detox is done by removing toxins from the liver. The liver is the organ where toxins are trapped and removed from the blood and then eliminated from the body.
The body utilizes various organs to eliminate toxins from the body. The kidneys, lungs, intestines, skin, and lymphatic system are all part of the elimination system that will remove toxins from the body. The goal of a cleanse is to purify organs to improve their function and ability to eliminate toxins.

Participating in a full body detox facilitates the body’s natural cleaning and cleansing process by allowing the organs to rest through fasting and caloric restriction. Cleansing stimulates the liver to release toxins from the body. Some toxins have been lodged in the body for many years and doing a deep cleanse is essential for health benefits. Cleansing also encourages elimination through the intestines, kidneys, and the skin. Cleansing can also purify and improve the blood circulation. Adding a healthy diet to the cleanse will also contribute to an overall healthy internal environment.

A Juicing fast, or simply incorporating fresh juices into your diet everyday can be one of the most effective detox practices.

Omega Slow Masticating juicers are the best choice for fasting juices. Most fasting juice recipes include leafy greens and a variety of vegetables. These slow masticating juicers extract everything out of veggies in a slow press which keeps from destroying the vitamin and mineral content of the juices left behind.

Reasons to Detoxify & Cleanse…is it for you?

Detoxing is not appropriate for everyone and is best for people who are in moderately good health. It is not advised for those who are pregnant, suffer from chronic degenerative disease, cancer, or tuberculosis. The detox process is also not appropriate for children.

Always consult a professional healthcare practitioner to confirm your eligibility for detox. Continue professional oversight of the process to ensure you are cleaning and detoxing in a healthful way. Cleanses and detox diets are performed for various reasons, mainly it is to heal the body and eliminate toxins. Johns Hopkins Medicine, one of the leaders in revolutionary medicine, has endorsed Ayurveda, a form of ancient healing and alternative medicine that originated in ancient India. Ayurveda starts with a period of cleansing or detoxification.

May Address Various Conditions And Yield Benefits For The Body And Mind

  • Eliminate toxins
  • Fatigue
  • Slow elimination bloating and constipation
  • Improve digestion
  • Skin irritations and conditions, such as acne
  • Identify allergies and food sensitivities
  • Brain fog
  • Stress
  • Reducing inflammation from a poor processed and junk food diet
  • Boost nutrient intake from whole food, such as key vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables
  • Helps to kickstart a weight loss plan
  • Helps to kickstart an overall healthy lifestyle
  • Helps to detox from a lifestyle of junk food and processed food and reset the body and mind towards healthier living

Final Thoughts

Sometimes I like to look at detoxing like changing the oil in a car…I know it sounds weird but bare with me. We have to change the dirty, used oil and replace it with clean, fresh oil so that the moving parts that make the engine work can run properly together. When we detox, we are cleaning our system of all the junk that has built up over the years to give our organs a chance to run properly and do their jobs to keep our bodies healthy!

Living holistically doesn’t mean you always have to eat perfectly, every single day. In fact, I find that if you eat balanced on a regular basis, and detox often there shouldn’t be a problem with eating that slice of pizza, or cookies or whatever may tempt you. It’s all about keeping things in moderation.

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