Types of Anxiety

Anxiety is characterized as a feeling of uneasiness, intense worry, or nervousness. Everyone experiences these feelings in certain situations in life, but these feelings are not always created equal. As humans, we all have our own individual make up and this means that anxiety comes in different forms for all of us. Types of Anxiety could merely show it’s face as a headache, sweating, or increased heart rate. In more serious cases, it could turn into a full on panic attack that could be debilitating for some people.

Lets look at different types of anxiety, and identify what category we might fall under as to better understand how to help ourselves through this feeling.


General Anxiety Disorder

This is the most common type of anxiety that people can experience. People can create anxiety for themselves because of many general things such as, money, relationships, family members, death, weather, anything that could occur in our daily lives that naturally cause worry, and stress.


Phobias tend to be irrational types of fear that people can develop from traumatic situations, or develop these thoughts and feelings in their minds throughout their lives. They could have extreme anxiety over going to a certain place, or encountering a specific animal, or thing. This type of anxiety can be incredibly intense for some because they link these things, or places to impending doom and fear.

Panic Attack Disorder

Panic attacks are also common in the general population, and seem to be getting more common all the time. These attacks happen when someone is faced with a situation that causes intense anxiety and their bodies go into a panic mode. It can even happen to someone when they are in a completely relaxed state, but have been experiencing high levels of stress in their daily lives. These panic attacks can cause increased heart rate, shortness of breath, stiffness in the hands or legs, even chest pains. The person can feel as though they are losing control of themselves which can cause the attack to get worse.

Social Anxiety

This type of anxiety can be defined in different ways for different people. But in a general sense it just means that the person becomes stressed, worried, or scared to be around groups or in small social situations. Fear of judgment, uncertainty of the situation, self-consciousness, or any other personal struggles can create this social anxiety feeling.


Valerian Root is a type of flower found in the wild. It possesses properties that can improve sleep, calm stress, and relieve anxiety. It comes in many forms, but taking this as an herbal capsule can allow you to easily incorporate relief into your daily routine.

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