Treating Acne Naturally

Acne is a condition that is caused by the over production of sebum or an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands. When this happens the pores become blocked
eventually causing the acne condition. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to heal your skin problems, treating acne naturally is possible!

acne treatment

Growing up I had little to no signs of zits until I hit my late twenties. I always thought “why is this happening, I am a young adult not a growing child”. Many people experience this misunderstanding, but the truth is acne can happen for so many reasons at any age in life. Some examples of why acne happens can be hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, menstrual periods, lack of sleep, emotional stress, poor diet, excessive drinking or smoking, even bad hygiene. In my later years I realized that drinking, lack of sleep, and somewhat of a poor diet were the links to my late acne bloom. It’s alarming how my self esteem lowered due to my skin issues, and I was determined to find answers to treat my acne!

For years I was using drug store washes and lotions that were filled with flowery scents and ingredients that I could barely pronounce, nothing seemed to work. I even went as far to order the acne system Proactiv which after just 5 uses made my skin peel, swell, and my whole face was a red mess. After reading up on how these chemical products can actually burn your skin and promote anything but healing I decided to find a more natural route. That’s when I found a natural charcoal face bar, a face oil (instead of lotion) that contained only 4 ingredients, and I began using tea tree oil on my breakouts.

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Tea tree oil is derived from the Melaleuca plant native to Australia. It has antibacterial properties that can cleanse breakouts, remove germs, and gently help skin cells regenerate to promote healing. Once I got myself on a morning/night routine of cleansing, hydrating and treating naturally things began to look up. I was getting less frequent and shorter lasting breakouts. And with my new found confidence I began sleeping better, stressing less, and coaching myself to eat cleaner.

When the inside of you is healthy, the outside of you will glow. If there is anything I learned from this simple experience it’s that nothing can truly change unless you start from the inside out. Keeping everything as natural as possible, and let your body heal holistically.

Below are some natural suggestions to treat acne externally. Remember, we are all made up differently, one product may work for someone else, but not you. Be patient and listen to what your body needs.

Tea Tree Oil

Using tea tree oil along with a carrier on effected areas is good for people with dryer skin. This treatment causes less drying and stinging after effects. Also the redness effects are at a minimal for most.

Aloe Vera has antibacterial properties which help to kill of the germs that cause acne and can also stop them from contaminating other parts of the skin. You can apply this before bed with a clean cotton ball and rinse in the morning to really detox the pores.

Rose Water

Rose water is light and aromatic toner. When applied to acne it can give relief to pain and swelling of the area. It also can smooth complexion and brighten the skin.

When the desired results are forthcoming the conditions may end up becoming worse because now the added factor of depression and stress is added.
Acne responds to a combination of herbs used both for internal as well as external use. This combination is important to achieve long lasting results.

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