Toxic Free House Cleaning

So often we only focus on what we are eating and drinking to keep our bodies healthy. But, have you ever considered the dangers of unnatural soaps, lotions, shampoos, and house cleaning products? These everyday things when put in contact with the skin can seep into the blood stream and cause disease and even cancer. Cleaning products especially can contain bleach and incredibly toxic chemicals for you, your children and your pets at home. It’s so important to think about toxic free house cleaning and purge your cupboards of dangerous products and replace them with all-natural ones.

Hypoallergenic Purge

During a hypoallergenic detox, the focus is on clearing and cleansing contaminants and chemicals from the home.

Cleaning products can be toxic and contain chemicals that can disrupt the systems in the body. These are everyday products we often overlook.

toxic free

Anything we put on our skin will be absorbed by the largest organ in our body, our skin, and will move rapidly into the bloodstream. When we use lotions, shampoos, perfumes, or other products on our body that contain chemicals, we are using poison. Although the affects may not be as visible or immediate, they can add up over time.

Other products in the home can also be damaging to the system even if they do not touch our skin or body. Some examples include toxic paint, cleaning products, carpets, mattresses, and other products produced with chemicals. These products can be hard to eliminate from the home because many people are so accustomed to using certain products.

Lead Paint

It may be overwhelming at first to consider all the chemicals that are leeching from our homes. But, taking one step at a time to clean our homes and the areas we inhabit will go a long way in lowering our toxic load.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Consider keeping all chemical cleaners outside of the home and in a sealed plastic container. Take the items out only when you need them and use them outdoors or with windows and doors open to let fresh air pass through.
  • Next time you go to buy a chemical cleaner as a replacement, consider buying a natural product that will not disrupt the chemistry of your body. Natural cleaners in the home are equally as effective and do not come with as many risks and side effects.
  • Consider making your own home cleaners using citrus, vinegar, and essential oils. There are many  DIY cleaner recipes online. Making products yourself is a great way to keep track of what ingredients are in your cleaners and is a pathway to healthier living.

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