The Best Place to Live

Finding the best place to live and call home for some can be one the biggest steps in life. It’s where you live, breathe, start a family, create memories and so much more. When I found my home almost 5 years ago I knew it was everything I needed to live a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle. My home presides along the mighty Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. It’s beauty and wonder fill my cup everyday and put me at ease.

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Where are you? Is it the best place to live for you? Maybe it’s deep in the woods in an A-Frame structure, or deep in the city in a cozy little apartment. Home doesn’t have to be a permanent place either, it could be your camper, or a boat, maybe you love to travel and home looks more like suit cases and hotel rooms.

We all have something brewing down within us that sets us apart from one another and that is our souls. The soul can’t be seen, or physically touched. It’s something that lies deep within us that defines who we are. So, why not live where the soul can find understanding, peace, comfort, safety, and creativity? I challenge you to think about a place in your home, or outside of it that you love to visit. Why do you love to be in that space and how does it make your soul feel when you’re in it?

The river is my soul space and when I look at it outside my home, I feel complete relaxation, my stress levels go down, it inspires me to paint, go on a hike, and get in touch with inner thoughts and feelings. Being in a place where my inner self can find support has bettered my mental and physical health.

Find the best place to live for yourself, so you can feed your mind, soul and body everyday.

The River

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