Sleep Better by Drinking Magnesium

Years ago I was introduced to the idea of taking magnesium as a supplement for our overall health. This mineral is found in nature right under our feet, but somehow most of us are extremely deficient in it. Magnesium helps our bodies to absorb other vital vitamins and minerals better, it aids with decreasing inflammation throughout the body, it helps blood pressure levels to stay normal, supports nerve function and so much more! Magnesium is something that we need to be healthy in the present time, and also to support our long term health.

There is so much to say about this mineral, but I wanted to really highlight in this periodical article it’s ability to create complete relaxation in the overall body and mind. I have personally been using Natural Vitality powdered magnesium products to help me sleep at night, as well as an elixir to calm my nerves on stressful days. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this product is and what it has done for me personally. This product line comes in an array of different flavors and packaging options.

Take a Closer Look


Original Calm Raspberry-Lemon

The calm formula is effervescent and tastes great mixed with filtered water over ice. It gives the body and mind an almost instant sense of calm and relaxation. It also comes in unflavored, sweet lemon, orange, cherry and single serving packets for magnesium on the go.

Calm PLUS Calcium

All the benefits of the calm effects of magnesium plus the addition of calcium. Magnesium helps calcium to absorb into our bones, without it calcium becomes toxic to our tissues and can cause arthritis and osteoporosis. The calm plus calcium comes in Raspberry-Lemon as well as unflavored.


Calm Calmful Sleep Mixed Berry

If you are using magnesium as a sleep aid and it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, you could try out their calmful sleep blend. This blend has the power of magnesium plus the addition of natural sleep inducing amino acids and vitamins like, Suntheanine, GABA, and Melatonin. This mixture will promote a restful nights sleep naturally even to the lightest sleepers.

Natural Vitality has created the best in powdered magnesium supplements. Boasting light and refreshing flavors, and the pure power of this all natural mineral. You can learn more and see their entire line of products Here.

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