Pole Dancing Classes

Discover Fitness and Fun with these On-Line Pole Dancing Classes!

Pole dancing is a great workout and way to stay fit.  It tones the entire body all while offering a creative outlet for dance and self expression! Want to tone your arms, legs and abs all while having a ton of fun?  If so, then these on-line pole dancing classes are just for you!

Marissa is a certified pole dancing instructor and she offers a wide range of Virtual On-Line Classes. No matter where you are in the world she can teach you everything pole dance right from the comfort of your home! 

These Virtual On-line Pole Dancing Classes are great during these times and offer all the the benefits of pole dancing instruction in the comfort of your home. Classes are customized to your needs, and on-line group classes are also an option.

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    Pole Dancing Myths

    Pole Dancing is not a real workout

    Pole Dancing requires strength, stamina and agility.  It works several muscle groups and is a form of cardio.

    Pole Dancing is sexual

    Pole Dancing doesn’t require stripping or erotic movements, but it definitely can help you embrace your sexuality.

    Pole Dancing requires dance experience

    Pole dancing is more of an acrobatic workout.  It may incorporate aspects of dance, but you don’t need to be a good dancer to start.

    Pole Dancing requires flexibility

    Being flexible is a benefit, but if you are not, as you practice you will become more flexible.