Food that Heals : Spices & Mushrooms

There are so many ways to increase your daily intake of nutrients. But what if it was as easy as sprinkling a spoonful of spice or throwing in a handful of chopped mushrooms into any dish and creating something packed with antioxidants and nutrients? Well, it is that easy. Below are some of the best options to really amp up your meals.

spices for health

Spices : Tumeric

Tumeric Super Food

Recently, turmeric has become a popular supplement, but it is even better if you can add it fresh as an ingredient to your recipes. Turmeric can reduce inflammation and interact as a poison for cancer cells. Turmeric is considered one of the most powerful spices for health. You can sprinkle it on curry’s, juices, and smoothies or create a warming tea with lemon and honey.

Mushrooms : Reishi

Mushrooms are a fungus that can help stimulate the immune system. Studies show that the Reishi mushroom can interfere with certain virus’s and reduce its ability to attach to our cells to multiply. Reishi is best consumed fresh and added to recipes, but is most pleasant made into a tea or taken as a tincture.




The Agarikon mushroom is ancient and was used for many different purposes throughout the centuries. Found in old growth forests, this was once used for rituals in shaman funerals by indigenous people. We now use this mushroom today as a powerful anti-inflammatory for the body. It also possesses strong anti-bacterial properties and can be used in teas, tinctures and supplements alike.

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