Loosen & Heal Tight Muscles with Citrus Juice

This is one of the most effective ways that I have loosened and healed tight, injured muscles. I had the chance to try it a few years ago when I tore my abdomen muscle hula hooping. Instead of taking harmful nsaids, I had this drink daily with a regimen of light stretching, rest, and self care not to re-injure myself.

Citrus juice has the amazing power to break down built up lactic acid. Lactic acid becomes present when there is injury to our muscles and blood and oxygen can’t flow correctly. You can experience pain, knots, swelling and general discomfort from this. Citrus juice can flush out this built up lactic acid, causing better blood flow and allowing things to heal properly. This did wonders for me, I hope it can work for you as well! Check out the video below for my full story and the recipe!

For this drink you can use any citrus fruit that you want! Just keep in mind the ratio, which is : Juice of 1/2 of any citrus fruit, into 16 ounces of water. You can drink this combo as much as you would like until your muscles start feeling better.

*Pro Tip: It’s important to remember you also want to eat as clean as possible during this process. Detoxing can be incredibly beneficial to your body, so try to enhance the detoxing process by eating lot’s of leafy greens, vegetables and other fruits.

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