Learn Hula Hoop Fitness & Dance | Vlog 4 | Waist Hooping

Waist hooping is of course where it all begins! Hooping on the waist is the most important skill to master as it connects all other hoop dance moves together. It also will give you that important connective feeling between hoop & body that you’ll need to nurture throughout your hoop practice. Once you’re familiar with this skill, and feel comfortable exploring movements around it that I show you in the video below, head on over to our YouTube page or the Fitness archives to check out what else you can learn in this beginner’s series!

What to Expect:

In this video tutorial you will learn the very basics on waist hooping to the left and to the right for total beginners. I will teach you techniques on connecting the body with the hula hoop, as well as pointers on things to avoid while learning this skill. I also give tips on ways to trouble shoot if you’re having issues keeping the hoop up around your waist. Once you master basic waist hooping in place, you will learn how to walk around with the hoop (forwards and backwards). and turn in circles. Lastly, we will practice moving our arms as we hoop to really find movement, flow and put all the pieces together. I promise you, once you master this tutorial you will find your groove and be able to build onto your dance from here!

Remember, hula hooping is comparable to riding a bike, it requires practice to gain strong muscle memory. Once you gain the skill, it will never leave you. Keep practicing and don’t give up!

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