Learn Hula Hoop Fitness & Dance | Vlog 5 | Basic Hand Passing

As we continue our beginner’s hula hoop fitness & dance series we start to get into off the body movements. There is so much that can be done with waist hooping, but most around the body movements other then waist hooping are considered more intermediate. So, that being said let’s stick with the basics and start mastering some off the body techniques that will get you moving and grooving in new ways! Check out the beginner’s tutorial below for “Basic Hand Passing” !

What to Expect:

In this tutorial you will learn how to master basic hand passing around the waist and lower legs. Although this movement may appear to be very simple, it is incredibly important in creating another building block in your hoop dance. The hand pass can be used as a buffer in between tricks, as well as a connecter to flow into other movements.

I will teach you step by step how to move the hoop and proper hand placement as the hoop moves around the body. We will start slow to create a solid technique, and then speed up the steps to create a flowing pass. Once you master this pass in both directions, then I encourage you to practice the pass as you turn and walk. This will help you to loosen up and feel your hoop dance!

Hula hoop dance opens the heart and mind, and gets you moving your body in ways that you may not be used to. To deepen your flexibility, breathing, focus, and become stronger in body and mind you can practice yoga! Yoga Download offers a wide array of classes for all different people and needs. You can take classes right on your computer or smart phone and practice in the comfort of your home.

Yoga is also a great way to stretch out and limber up before practicing hoop. Remember, it’s incredibly important to warm up and stretch to avoid any kind of injury! I also have a stretching flow class that you can utilize for warm up and cool down.

Happy Hooping!

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