Numi Blooming Tea

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, every year we order expensive rose bouquets and chocolates without a blink of an eye. But, what if this year you got something a little less traditional? Let this Numi blooming tea flowering tea gift set be your last minute valentine’s gift to the one you love this year.

blooming tea

The flowering tea blossom, a beautiful sight as the steaming water hits the woven ball and a flower unfurls into your cup or pot. Although it may resemble a blooming flower, it is in fact premium tea leaves that have been sewn together meticulously by hand.

Numi Organic Tea company has put together this absolutely beautiful tea set that anyone on your list would find completely enchanting for valentine’s day. Below is their description of what can be found in the set.

This Numi blooming tea box contains each of the following and a glass teapot for steeping:
Flower Jewel is hand picked white tea crowned by a bright pink amaranth flower. The dancing petals blissfully open as sweet jasmine scents this captivating elixir.

— White tea, amaranth flower.

Starlight Rose is delicate silver needle white tea leaves handsewn around a tender rosebud. The soft, lucent, liquor and subtle aroma or roses yields a smooth, mellow flavor.

— White tea, rosebud.

Dragon Lily is an arrangement of superb white tea sewn around an orange lily and sprinkles of osmanthus flowers. The translucent liquor imparts a velvety, luscious apricot flavor.

— White tea, osmanthus flowers, lily.

Emerald Sun is a cluster of green tea leaves radiating around a white chrysanthemum flower. Mellow and nutty, the scent delights the senses with its alluring sweet smoothness.

— Green tea, chrysanthemum flower.

Golden Jasmine is rare golden-tipped black tea scented with delicate jasmine. Its sienna hue exuded a smooth depth that holds a divine foral perfume and hints of chocolate.

— Black tea, jasmine flowers.

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