Know the Facts on Mosquitoes

As spring turns into summer life begins to awaken. Everything is turning green and lush, the birds are chirping, and the bugs are back! It is important to be educated on the different dangers that certain bugs can have on humans and even our pets. But to know the facts on mosquitoes could be the most important information that you can have so you are able to protect you and your family all summer long.

Why are Mosquitoes Potentially Dangerous?

Sometimes we aren’t always thinking about the dangers that bug bites can bring, but the truth is mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals on earth! Some of these buzzing biters carry the ability to infect people with a disease called malaria. Malaria occurs weeks after being bitten, and can cause fever, chills, and severe sickness. If not treated it can cause coma, learning disabilities, and death! Just one malaria mosquito can infect over 100 people.

Are they Attracted to Certain Blood types?

Have you ever wondered this? Is it possible for mosquitoes to attract to one person more then the other? The answer is YES! But, they aren’t exactly interested in your blood type. They sense odors, bodily secretions, sweat and things that make up your unique genes.

How do I Protect Myself?

There are so many ways to protect yourself from the potential of being bit. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. If you are traveling somewhere that is known for its malaria infections, get a vaccine! Staying proactive could literally mean the difference between life or death so do your research and talk to your doctor.
  2. Cover up with clothing! This could be the most effective solution to avoiding a bite. Wearing long pants, long shirts, hats, and high socks can deter the bugs from smelling you and biting. Sometimes this can be difficult when it’s summer time, but consider wearing light clothing so you can still stay cool.
  3. Use bug repelling spray! There are so many amazing natural bug sprays, lotions, and sticks on the market. Get something that isn’t littered with chemicals but instead uses essential oils to deter the bugs. You will always need to re-apply every few hours, and you can feel good knowing you aren’t putting chemicals into your blood stream.
  4. Remove standing water from around the home. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant still water, if you happen to have a bucket or planters that are sitting with water, try to dump them and keep them dry as possible throughout the warm months. This will decrease the amount of them living around the home.
  5. Stay clean! Mosquitoes like the smells that we put off, so if you are sweaty go shower!

All-Natural Bug Repellents

Now that you know the facts on mosquitoes, start protecting yourself with repellents that are natural and DEET-Free making them healthy and effective options for using on the skin.

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