Juice and Smoothie Cleanse

There are so many detox and cleanse plans out there, I find that the easiest and most gratifying method is a juice and smoothie cleanse. Minimal work, makes the taste buds happy, and your getting a punch of vitamins and minerals in every glass!

Smoothie Cleanse

Undertaking a smoothie detox cleanse is a great way to increase the effectiveness of fruit and veggie detox by facilitating some of the digestive process through mechanical mashing of food.

A smoothie detox contains fiber for regulating the immune system and plenty of nutrients for sustenance. Smoothies can be made fresh each day or can be batched into categories based on color or flavor.

Smoothie Detox
  • The smoothie cleanse will contain some of the same fruits and vegetables as the fruit and veggie detox, though not all vegetables are great in smoothies.
  • Typically, starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes are left out of smoothies for detox.
  • Watery vegetables like cucumber and celery are more appropriate for smoothie cleansing and can easily be combined with various fruits including berries, melons, coconut spinach and more.

As long as the ingredients are made from whole fruits and vegetables, it does not matter if they are fresh or frozen. If buying frozen fruits for smoothies, there are various blends available that contain a mix of popular fruits and vegetables.

This is one way to simplify the smoothie detox so you do not need to keep a lot of fresh produce on hand. When all the fruits and veggies are already chopped and combined in the freezer, there can be much less resistance to the process. Simply add some coconut water, hemp seed milk, or other non-dairy and non-soy milk with fruits and veggies in the blender and blend until smooth.

A smoothie cleanse keeps the stomach more fulfilled than juice alone and can be a great middle ground between fruit and veggie detox and a juice cleanse. You can also use a smoothie detox in the pre-cleanse phase of a juice cleanse to prepare the body and to further facilitate elimination.

Juice Cleanse

Juice cleansing is a form of detoxification and fasting where only juice is consumed for a number of days. A juice cleanse is typically done for 1-3 days but can be extended up to 5 days or a week under proper medical supervision.

Participating in juice fasting for a single day is a good start to introducing the body to fasting. For anyone who is new to cleansing, juice cleansing can be an easy introduction that allows the body to adjust and understand a new way of eating.


Then, as the body becomes healthier and as a person becomes more accustomed to the shift in diet, additional days can be added onto the fast. Juice cleansing allows the body a digestive reset while providing essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for energy and immunity.

  • To complete a 3-day juice cleanse, prepare enough juice for 3 days and drink that instead of food during the timeframe.
  • Water and herbal caffeine-free tea can also be consumed to balance hydration. In preparation, it is important to complete a pre-cleanse phase for the 3 days leading up to the juice fast detox. These 3 days of pre-cleansing allow the body to adjust to a reduced caloric intake and to begin to relax the digestive system so it can be clean and cleared before the cleanse.
  • Various blends of juice can be created to cover all colors of the rainbow. This will ensure that a wide variety of nutrients are consumed during the detox. A juice that is red in color could contain beets, strawberries, pomegranate, cranberry or a variety of other ingredients.
  • Herbs can also be added to facilitate cleansing including cilantro, parsley, ginger, and turmeric.
  • During a juice detox a person should aim to consume about 6 glasses of juice per day and also drink 6 glasses of water.
  • After the juice fast, there will be another 3-day post-cleanse period when light foods like soups, steamed veggies and other light meals will be eaten. This allows the body to remain in a state of detox and prevents the organs from being overburdened with a big and heavy meal.
  • Resist the urge to eat anything too heavy and do not consume any meat for 3 days post juice cleanse. The body has taken a great break from processing heavy, toxic, and allergenic foods. Be sure to treat it gently as you add in new foods to prevent nausea and overeating.

It is possible to purchase specially made juices from a store which will contain all the necessary components for completing the cleanse. These juices can be purchased in bulk and stored in the refrigerator so they are always available at any time. These juices will cover a wide variety of nutrients and will ensure there are no deficiencies or gaps in the diet that could lead to hunger or other difficulties with the detox.

Making juice at home is also an option for those who would like to be more engaged in the process and this is actually optimal as you will be drinking the juice while it is very fresh . There are various types of juices that can be made for a detox and many recipes exist that ensure the juice tastes great and covers all essential nutrients. Using a slow juicer is the best option for at home juicing because it allows some pulp to pass through the juice for added fiber intake.

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