How to Make Traditional Matcha Green Tea

Traditional Matcha Green Tea is simply pure, organic green tea leaves. When harvested, the veins and stems are completely removed and the delicate leaves are ground down into a very fine powder. The way it is grown is much different then other green teas are cultivated. These plants are grown in the shade for weeks, allowing caffeine and theanine to produce more through the process of photosynthesis. Theanine is a strand of amino acid that is only found in tea. It gives the tea it’s distinct flavor and also helps the body to relax, but not get sleepy.

Matcha has such a distinct taste, preparing it using a whisk and specific temperatures is the only way to bring that flavor out. Simply stirring it into a cup of water will not give you the flavor profile that is traditionally matcha green tea.

Below you will find an informative video and step by step directions on how to make this tea.

How to Make Traditional Matcha Green Tea – Step by Step Video

Scroll to the bottom for links to all the tools mentioned in the video, and also the Matcha powder to make this tea!

Preparation :

  1. Using a clean, traditional bowl – pour hot water about halfway into it, and place your bamboo whisk in the bowl as well to warm and soften. Let sit for about 5 Minutes.
  2. While the bowl is heating – heat additional clean, filtered water to make the tea. You want the water to be no hotter then 75-80 Fahrenheit !
  3. Once the bowl is hot, and the whisk is slightly pliable dump the hot water out.
  4. Completely dry the bowl with a clean towel
  5. Add 2-4 scoops of powder (depending on how strong you would like the tea) using a bamboo measuring spoon. The spoon will measure your scoops in grams.
  6. Pour your temperature controlled water into the cup, and start using a quick back and forth motion with your whisk. Small bubbles will begin to form, creating a frothy, light drink. Continue this process for about a minute until the froth is to your liking. Enjoy!

Product Information :

To learn more or purchase the tools to create this Matcha tea, visit the links below.

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set : Includes bowl, stand, whisk, & bamboo measuring spoon.

Bamboo Matcha Whisk : The bamboo whisk, or “chasen”, is specially designed for whipping up a frothy, delicious bowl of matcha.

Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon : The bamboo spoon, or “chashaku”, is the perfect scooping tool for matcha and for the Japanese matcha tea ceremony.

Organic Matcha Tea Powder : Organic Matcha Fair Trade Tea is a culinary grade matcha.

Matcha Tea & Accessories

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