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If you’re looking to get into hula hoop fitness & dance it’s important to know exactly what kind of hula hoop is best for you. Hoops come in a multitude of sizes, weights, materials, colors, and more! They are made for so many different needs and outlets from exercise to dance. Check out my quick guide on how to choose the right hula hoop!

Choosing a Size

Hula hoops come in so many different sizes. But, if you’re just starting out you’re going to want to measure yourself to find a hoop that makes sense for you to learn the basics. To do this, you’ll want to stand up tall with your feet together and measure from your feet to your belly button. Whatever that number is in inches will determine the diameter of hoop that is best for you. A good rule of thumb to remember is, the bigger the hoop the slower it will turn around your waist, therefore it will be easier to control in most instances. The smaller the hoop, the more revolutions and the faster it will go which makes it more difficult to control in a beginner situation.

Hoop Weights

Again, hoops come in a variety of different weights. The heavier the hoop, the easier it will be to control. You also have the option to purchase a hoop that is meant for use in exercise and core work. Canyon Hoops has a wonderful selection of beginner exercise hoops you can find here. These hoops are great for toning, building strength and stamina and even for dabbling in the beginning’s of feeling out dance hoop. I purchased my weighted hoop from them almost 6 years ago and I still use it all the time.

If you’re interested in leaning more towards dance and tricks with your practice you’ll want to choose a hoop that is lighter in weight. Lighter hoops will allow you to do hand and arm tricks easier and also will create more ease when spinning it through different movements. Synergy FlowArts is my absolute go to for dance hoops! I’ve been using their hoops for years and they are built so beautifully they almost become an extension of your body!

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Types of Grip

Grip is a very important tool when you are just starting out hula hooping. It assists the hoop in staying on the body during tricks and movements. Most companies allow you to choose where you want the grip placed on the hoop and what type of grip you prefer. If you’re looking for a lighter dance hoop I would recommend Synergy FlowArt’s option to put grip just on the inside of the hoop (They will give you this option when you customize your purchase). This way your hand has freedom to move around most of the hoop, but it won’t fly off you.

Tubing Size

Most companies will have different options for sizes of tubing and material as well. Normally the weighted hoops have thicker tubing and then the dance hoops have more options for sizes. Again, if you’re just starting out I would try a 3/4 inch. tubing or a 7/8 inch. tubing. Once you start to feel more comfortable with it, you can drop down to 5/8 inch.

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