Health Benefits of Strawberries

So many things mark the start to summer, but I have to say my favorite is when strawberries are in season! I was lucky enough to be able to grow some in my own backyard again this year. Everyday I go out and pick handfuls of these sweet, ruby red, health benefiting treats. There is truly nothing more satisfying!

Growing your own food, and buying locally ensures that your produce is the freshest it can possibly be. Fresh means – more nutrients present, and even better for boosting the immune system. Picking a berry straight off the vine and onto your taste buds is something everyone should experience!

You can find “pick-your-own-strawberry” farms in states across the US. Check out this website to find these farms in your area!

If you are a Pennsylvania native and you are looking to check out some “pick-your-own” farms, here are some great places to go in the Lancaster County area:
Cherry Hill Orchard
Kreiders Strawberries
Brook Lawn Farm Market
Shenk’s Berry Farm
More Here!

What are the Health Benefits of Strawberries?

Studies show that eating around a cup of strawberries a day can improve overall health. They are packed with vitamin C, fiber, and are rich in antioxidants. Below are some other health benefits of strawberries:

-Lowers risk of diabetes
-Improves Heart Health
-Reduces the risk of Cancer
-Supports brain function
-Supports better skin health

strawberry facts

Wellness Product Pick

Starwest botanicals

Organic Strawberry Tea

Starwest Botanicals offers a lovely tasting loose black tea with the aroma’s of strawberry. You can use this loose tea as a cold brew on those hot summer mornings, or simply try it warm with a little cream and sugar!

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