Raw Honey & Bee Pollen | Flu Prevention

We all practice different morning routines. A daily ritual of waking, becoming mindful of our tasks for the day and for most making a cup of coffee or tea. One of my favorite flu preventions is to scoop a spoonful of raw honey and bee pollen into my morning drink. Raw honey contains antibacterial properties, can boost cell production and fight infections. Bee Pollen is a sweet perfectly shaped granule that worker bees create in their hives. It is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and can boost mood and energy levels. All of this from the simple honey bee and the flowers that they gather from. An unprocessed, untouched, 100% natural way to prevent seasonal cold and flu in the body.

No matter what your morning ritual, feed your immune system with raw honey & bee pollen. Putting a teaspoon of each in your morning drink adds vitamins, & minerals, boosts cell production, fights infections and can boost energy levels. Do this every morning all year long and you will see a difference in your overall immunity. Holistic Flu preventions do exist, you just have to stay consistent and feed your body with what it needs.

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