Epsom Salt Bath Soak Recipe for Healthy Skin & Relaxation

An Epsom Salt Bath is a great way to unwind, recenter, and relax at the end of the day. Essential oils, and soothing salts give the body relaxation and can calm stressed nerves that cause anxiety.

You can really take this recipe and make it your own, but if you would like the full recipe from the book (along with many other great DIY home products) mentioned in our tutorial video visit the link below in our products section!


Here is the book that I show in the video. It contains the bath salts recipe with various essential oil mixtures you can use. Use this book to create natural health and body care products from skin-care classics to first-aid essentials! Written by Ashley English, author of the popular Homemade Living series, this book is complete with 40 accessible DIY recipes to try at home. You’ll soon fill your cabinets with products that you’ll feel good about making and using! (118 pages hardcover)

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Here are various products that can be used to make an Epsom Salt Bath mixture. The core ingredients include the Epson Bath Salt, Sea Salt, Baking Soda and your choice of essential oils. The Lavender flowers and Rose Bud petals are additional botanical add-ins that can be used to enhance your Epsom salt bath experience even more!

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