Embracing Your Inner Self in a Pandemic

As human beings, we have an inherent tendency to avoid standing out from the crowd. Our survival from the very beginning relied on safety in numbers and, funny enough; this habit still remains in our nature despite any real need remaining in today’s world.

However, when we find ourselves in these crowds we inevitably feel pressured to mask our authentic selves, and this happens on a daily basis. Whether from work colleagues, friend groups or social media followers, this urge is unavoidable. I have often found myself in situations where I am trying to put a veil on my personal life, or interests. For what reason I would ask myself? Being afraid of opening yourself up to others can be a scary situation, and I believe that feeling stems much deeper then we realize. However, there is so much merit to be found in remaining true to oneself.

As this pandemic continues to unfold, and the many phases of new realities begin to take action, let’s learn to embrace our inner beings. We have spent months learning to be within our own minds and spaces, it’s time to fully open our true selves to others as we begin to make social contact again with friend’s, family and coworkers. Let’s discuss a few of the many reasons that embracing your inner self not only benefits you, but can also be a gift to the world around you!

One of the most wonderful traits we possess as human beings is that each of us is completely unique. Other than the obvious things we all share, everyone differs in their individual talents, abilities, perspectives and so on. Unfortunately, when we mask these differences in an attempt to avoid standing out, we deprive ourselves and everyone around us of the true difference that can be made from self-expression.

Consider for a minute the greatest inventions and discoveries gifted to mankind up until now. One common theme you will find is that these were brought about by people willing to be different and resist the status quo.

Going back to the subject of common traits shared by all of us, whether we know it or not, self-acceptance is one of these traits. Even though the need to fit in often overshadows this urge, deep down, we all long to be who we truly are. When you are able to embrace your inner self and go against the grain, you invite others to do the same.

When those around you notice that you are comfortable with who you are, they are much more likely to follow suit! This ripple effect fosters self-expression and allows everyone to benefit from the fellowship of collective talent and abilities.

Ironically, it takes considerably more effort and energy to blend in than it does to be your true self. Going with the crowd involves a conscious effort to act and behave a certain way at all times. This tendency results in the wasting of a large portion of our mental resources that could be used in much better ways. The time you spend hiding your uniqueness should be allocated to improving and growing yourself and whatever you strive for in this life. When you are able to combine your inherent talents and this otherwise wasted energy, I can promise that you are capable of some really incredible things!

By now, you have certainly realized that life is short. One of the most painful feelings we can experience is that of regret. By not taking advantage of whatever gifts you possess, there will come a time when you become acutely aware of missed opportunities.

Often times, the most monumental chances in life come and go in the blink of an eye, unable to be capitalized on when they are gone. By embracing your inner self, you can mitigate so much regret down the road.

Blending in with the crowd has become so habitual for most of us that doing anything else will feel very odd at first. However, if you can make this your new “normal”, the benefits to you and those around you are more than worth it! Take this time of self-reflection to find a new outlook, believe in yourself and everything that you are!

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