Do Ear Candles Work?

Using Ear Candles to Remove Ear Wax

Our video today shows an ear candle demonstration. There are a lot of questions surrounding ear candles and whether they work or not. Some people say that they help with sinus infections, sore throats, headaches, and migraines, and some people say they work well to get earwax and other impurities out of the ear canal. In this video you’ll see a demonstration to see specifically if it ear candles will work to remove ear wax.

Where to Buy Ear Candles

The ear candles shown is this video are made by White Egret and are available here – Ear Candles

Please note that Ear Candles made by Wally’s Natural contain a small plastic tube in the end of the candle that they call a filter. These ear candles do NOT work well, or at all, for ear wax removal!

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What is an Ear Candle?

Ear candles are made with paraffin wax or beeswax. I prefer the beeswax. The candle has a large end and a small end. The small end is the end that goes in your ear. You used to find ear candles that were even wider than the ones shown in the video, but I have not been able to find the real wide ones anymore. The wide ones get more wax out of the ear. With the size we are now using it takes two candles to get out the same amount of wax out as one of the wide ones.

The Benefits of Ear Candles Beyond Removing Earwax

People claim that ear candles have benefits other than being used for earwax removal. On the package, it says they are calming, balancing and therapeutic. Many people also believe they help with sore throats, sinus infections and headaches. I can’t really testified to anything other than the fact that they get wax out of my ear. I’ve always had problems with wax in my ear, especially my right ear. Many years ago, when this started happening, I went to the doctor. He began to dig the wax out of my ear, and it was super painful. It didn’t even work well, and I eventually ask him to stop because of the pain. After that I found out about ear candles.

Other Earwax Removal products

Before I started using the ear candles, I tried other products that you’ll see in the pharmacies. Products where you use ear drops to soften the wax, and then you take a syringe or a bulb filled with water and use that to squirt water in your ear. This supposedly will flush out chunks of wax. I’ve never ever been able to get this to work. I’m not saying that this method does not work for some people, but for me, it’s never worked. The ear candle’s the only thing that has ever worked for me.

Starting the Ear Candling Process

To start, find a paper plate, or something similar and put a hole in it using an x pattern. Take the ear candle and insert the narrow end into the hole. Lay down or I tilt your head down onto a table so that the ear candle is pointing up. Some people will tell you to keep your head upright with the candle in a horizontal position, coming out of your ear. This is done so nothing will drop into your ear. I’ve never ever had anything drop into my ear, and the process works better for me when it is pointing up.

The plate is going to keep the heat away from your head as the candle burns. Also, some ash may come off and the plate will keep it it from falling on your face or your head. Because of this, it is best to have someone help you with the process. I would definitely recommend having help if you are new to ear candling. The candle is on fire and that could be dangerous. You obviously don’t want to light your hair or yourself on fire. I normally do the process by myself and I prop a mirror up in front of me. The mirror lets me see how far the candle is burning down.

This article is not to provide any type of medical advice or say ear candling will work for you. I am just sharing my experience of what works for me. If you have any questions or concerns, maybe you want to ask your doctor before trying this.

Lighting the Candle

Once I have the candle inserted into the plate, and I am in position, I light the larger end of the candle and insert it the smaller end in my ear. Also, I have a cup of water nearby so when the candle starts getting low, maybe an inch or two from the plate, I can extinguish it into the water. . Once again, do this in a well-ventilated area because there is an odor that’s comes along with the burning. It also works well to do this in the bathroom with the door shut and the window open.

At first you won’t notice anything, but after a minute or two, you’ll start feeling a slight warmth in your ear and you’ll probably hear some crackling. It does feel very relaxing as you feel the warmth and hear the crackling. One of the symptoms from having excessive earwax, is the effects it can have on your hearing. But I’ve also had issues with vertigo, and the doctor said that was probably a result of the excessive earwax. Another issue with having excessive earwax is pain and aching in your ear.

When the ear candle is inserted make sure that it’s pushed in, but don’t force it. If you notice smoke coming out between your ear and the bottom of the candle, that is an indication that the candle is not sealed properly around the opening of your ear. Just reposition it in your ear until the smoke goes away and then you know you have a good seal.

As the process continues you may feel the wax moving a little bit. If so, you can assume it’s going up inside the candle. As the candle burns and that warmth occurs, there is a natural drawing process as it pulls the wax out.

Seeing the Results

In the video I cut the candle open when it is finished so you can see the wax that is removed.. I’ve had many people tell me that ear candles don’t work and that they don’t get wax out of your ear. I would say for the person that it doesn’t work, you probably don’t have excessive wax in your ear. I’d more than likely think it’d only going to work for people that have an earwax problem or excessive wax.

The amount of wax that is removed will depend on how long I go in between ear candling procedures. In the video I got a smaller than normal amount out, but I have had times where the pieces were almost as big as a pencil eraser.

So to answer the question, do ear candles work, you can see for me they do. At least for getting wax out of my ear. If you tried this let me know in the comments if ear candles worked for you or not. I’m interested to see what your comments are regarding this technique!

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