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We cannot ignore the importance of a healthy diet to strengthen our immune system. A diet that is rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, zinc, and selenium are most likely going to help you boost your immunity. While it is great to eat as many healing foods, it is not always possible to provide all the nutrients and antioxidants that our body needs to stay healthy. That’s when supplements become a great option.


Taking daily vitamins is important to boosting our immune system each day. Here are some of the most important supplements, and the benefits they have on our system’s.

Vitamin E & Selenium

Not only is selenium a powerful antioxidant, but it also plays a vital role in our immune system. It is one of the essential minerals for our health. According to studies, viruses seem to thrive in an environment that is deficient in selenium, and Vitamin E. Selenium will enhance the immune system while reducing inflammation. The selenium recommendation per day is 55 micrograms a day for an adult.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin C & D

Vitamin E is also a potent antioxidant like selenium. It can help fight any infection in the body since it enhances the immune system. A daily dose of 15 mg a day is what is recommended by the experts, and it is especially important as you age.

Vitamin C is critical to the immune system. Not only does it support the production of antibodies, but it also supports the activity of natural killer cells (NK cells). NK cells are a type of white blood cell, which is essential to the immune system. Vitamin C consummation recommendation is 75–90 mg a day. You will want to pick ascorbate-based vitamin C supplements since our body best absorbs it.

Vitamin C
Vitamin D

Vitamin D is typically provided by sunlight. Although, it can be difficult for most people to get enough vitamin D during winter. According to research, 1 person out of 2 is vitamin D deficient. A deficiency in vitamin D means that you increase your chances of getting an autoimmune disease. To prevent this from happening, you can either make an effort to get more sun exposure (while protecting your skin) or take a daily supplement.

Black Elderberry

Black Elderberry is a known supplement that can help fight the symptoms of the cold and flu. It is full of antioxidants, and research has recommended a dose of around 158 mg twice daily. It’s also a supplement that is used by individuals who suffer from an immune system deficiency.



According to research, the most effective supplement form of zinc is zinc acetate, which releases 100% of zinc ions. Zinc ions are essential for both immune system categories, innate and adaptive. If you cannot find zinc
acetate, you can go for the second-best recommendation, zinc gluconate, which releases 72%. The daily intake recommendation of zinc is between 8 mg (women) to 11 mg (men). There are also large amounts of zinc found in seafood such as oysters. Also beans, grains and nuts are good ways to get this vitamin naturally.


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