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It’s inevitable in Pennsylvania and so many other places around the world that the season’s change. Days get colder, daylight gets shorter, and in creeps seasonal depression. For so many years I have coped with seasonal depression. It makes me unhappy, sleep more, eat more, exercise less, everything feels like its crashing down on me.

I have had people tell me that I need to see a doctor, that I need to get on depression medication. But, I have always felt strongly that the mind can overcome any obstacles with the help of holistic, natural, self-medicating practices. In today’s world depression has been and is still on the rise. It’s not hard to believe given the fact that we are surrounded by social media, cell phones, TV, and anything and everything that disconnects us from nature and ourselves.

In this series I touch on my personal thoughts and feelings regarding my own depression and how I cope with it throughout the change of seasons. I hope that something in these videos can spark some motivation to discover self-love and inspire a new way to cope with your own depression.

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Vlog #1 | Let Yourself Feel & Get Outdoors

In this short vlog I open up about the importance of recognizing as well as letting yourself feel depressed. Giving yourself permission to take some days off to self-heal without beating yourself up about it is one of the best gifts you can do for yourself mentally. Also, getting out in nature even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. Isolating yourself indoors during cold months can be detrimental to your mental health and make depression worse. Enjoy a moment among the elements, and appreciate the natural world in all it’s seasons!

Vlog #2 | Supplements to Cope with Seasonal Depression

In this second vlog in my mini series I touch on some of the holistic supplements that I use each day to support my anxiety, immune system, stress levels and sleep patterns. Using natural, whole supplements with a healthy diet can balance your overall well-being and in turn give the boost the body needs to cope with mental imbalance.

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Green Power Supplement

This supplement is packed with essential vitamins, & minerals that balance overall well-being in a whole, and natural way.

This supplement is considered “standardized” which guarantees a 95% concentration of the active ingredient Curcumin.

Turmeric Standardized Herbal capsules

Turmeric not only controls inflammation in the body, which is great for overall well-being. But, it also contains an active ingredient called, Curcumin which if taken regularly can control dopamine transmission which improves emotions. And also controls serotonin transmission that regulates memory, appetite and mood.

+Plus CBD Hemp Extract Drops

CBD extracts are proven to aid in overall health and most importantly, sleep, stress, anxiety and thyroid conditions. It enhances serotonin (happy feelings) and can alleviate depression and mood swings caused by dysfunctional thyroid glands.

Vlog #3 | Find a Creative Outlet

In this 3rd and last vlog I talk about how using painting as a creative outlet has given me freedom from my thoughts and negative feelings. I encourage you to find your own creative outlet and start letting your thoughts and feelings pour out into something beautiful!

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