Christmas Fruit Salad

Forget the traditional canned fruit salads and try this simple 3 ingredient fresh Christmas Fruit Salad. Real food doesn’t have to be boring! Cutting your oranges into rounds and stacking them in a lotus shape with the addition of pomegranate seeds and fresh red raspberries can create a whimsical center piece for your next holiday dessert table! Feel free to mix and match or add any of your favorite fruits to make this dish extra special and unique.

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You Will Need:

  • About 5-6 Fresh Oranges (blood oranges look beautiful as well!)
  • 1 Fresh Pomegranate
  • Small container of Fresh Red Raspberries


This Christmas fruit salad recipe couldn’t be any simpler! Pre-wash all of your ingredients, cut the peel away from oranges and cut horizontally to create rounds. Remove any seeds. Place the rounds individually in a slightly rounded serving dish starting from the outside and working your way in. (See the video to get a better idea of the stacking technique.)

Cut the pomegranate down the middle and again until you have 4 sections. Carefully remove the seeds into a bowl being careful to keep the white rind out of the mix. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the oranges. The seeds really create a beautiful holiday look to the dish.

Finish off the dish by carefully placing your red raspberries on top. You can cover and store this for about a day. It’s best to make it the morning of so the fruit stays fresh and retains it’s juices.

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