Celery Juice for Clear Skin

Many years ago one of the very first things that I purchased to really up my “holistic game” was a better juicer. I had read so many good things about juicing vegetables for better health, and the juicer I had currently owned at the time wasn’t making the cut for the job. So, with much research I found the perfect companion for my new venture and I was immediately delving into kale, spinach, tomato, cucumber, and basil. I was hooked on this detox juice, it was delicious, and made me feel great. But after doing the same combo day after day, my body started telling me a different story. I was detoxing too much. I didn’t want to stop my veggie juices, but I knew I needed to find a different outlet for daily drinking. With some research, I stumbled upon this guy called the medical medium. He puts out some really amazing information about healing the body through clean eating. But what intrigued me the most about his overwhelming amount of findings on different foods was the HUGE amount of people drinking celery juice for clear skin.


Celery seemed to me like such a tasteless, unexciting vegetable and for most of my life I was told it’s mostly just water and it has no health benefits what so ever. In fact, even to this very day I get into conversations with people with the same opinions that I had years ago and I find myself trying to convince them of its magical health powers!

Well, maybe not so much magical, in fact it’s anything but magic. This vegetable is packed with natural sodium’s, minerals, is alkalizing, contains flavonoids that kill cancer cells, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can actually improve and even heal gut health. Not to mention the fact that celery is indeed made up of mostly water, so it’s also incredibly hydrating to the body. So, all of this said I decided to try drinking celery juice everyday and see what all the fuss was about for myself.

I have to tell you, I have read about people being completely healed from anxiety, depression, eczema, high cholesterol, cancer, insomnia, I mean you name it, celery fixes it. In my time of drinking it I was excited to see what it could do for me knowing all of these facts.

My Findings…

So, the key is to drink around 16 ounces of the juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Honestly, within 24 hours of drinking it I was sleeping better and waking up feeling less groggy in the mornings. Within 48 hours the pain in my knee (caused by inflammation from an injury years ago) literally went away, and I also noticed that I had more energy during the day and almost no brain fog. It seriously was almost unbelievable the benefits that I was feeling so quickly from it.

Around week 2 is when I noticed, in my opinion the most satisfying benefit, and that was clear skin. I have always struggled with bumps, red zits, discoloration on my face, and dark bags under my eyes. One day I woke up and inspected my face to find that I literally had brighter, clearer skin, no zits, and the bags under my eyes weren’t there. It was almost a bit shocking, as I had never seen my face looking so healthy before.

In Conclusion

The practice of juicing is a wonderful way to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. Which is why I like to stress how important it can be if you’re looking to live a more holistic lifestyle. As all things natural sometimes it takes trial and error to find what is right for each of us, and the same rings true with drinking celery juice. If you want to try this regimen of daily doses of the juice to clear your skin I would recommend starting with small amounts and working your way up to 16 ounces. Your body could have some reactions from the shock of drinking a lot of the juice up front. But, try drinking a small amount, maybe just 10 ounces and work your way up slowly everyday. Also, it’s important to note that buying celery that is organic can be much more beneficial as the produce won’t have pesticides or any chemicals present on it which could be harmful to your body.

Happy Juicing!

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    • Hello Scott! Thanks so much for your great question! The only answer that I can provide (not having used the powder before) is that anything that you juice fresh will always have more vitamins and minerals present. Anything that is processed, (which vegetable powders are dried out and crushed into powders)will have less of the good stuff present because it’s destroyed in the processing. Hope this helps, have a great day!

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