Celebrating Thanksgiving During Covid

This year celebrating thanksgiving during Covid is looking very different from past years. Cousins aren’t coming home from college, the in-laws aren’t flying in from across state, and we aren’t planning out elaborate meals to feed our families. The holidays bring joy, love, and reunion to us every year but in the midst of a worldwide pandemic we must stay safe, and keep others safe at any cost. No matter what.

So, all of that being said it got me to thinking. The holidays are about spreading love to the people that we love. Is that not why we bake that special pie, or put the perfect bow on a present? This act of spreading love through gestures doesn’t have to end just because we are all doing things differently this year. I decided to brain storm ways that we can put a smile on someone’s face, spread love, joy, and encouragement without sacrificing the safety of anyone’s health. Check out my ideas below!

  • Send an email to a loved one with an old photo attached and tell a story about a memory from that photo that would spark good feelings and emotion.
  • Most of us will still be making thanksgiving dinner for maybe only 2 or 3 people in the household. Instead of holding onto lot’s of leftovers, pack individual meals for friends and family that you know won’t be making dinner that day. You can deliver the meals on doorsteps to keep everyone safe.
  • If someone in your family always looks forward to a specific dessert or side dish that you make, you could make it for them and deliver it to keep the sentimental feeling alive!
  • Pick up the phone and call someone! Calls out of the blue could turn someone’s bad day into a good one just by hearing your voice and telling them you care.
  • Send a letter or a post card telling a friend or family member why you’re thankful for them. Below are a few letter templates that you could print out and use instead of running to the store. Click on the image to open a printable PDF.
Thanksgiving Card

Click on image to open a printable PDF.

Happy Thanksgiving

Click on image to open a printable PDF

This year we just have to get creative with the holidays. But, count this moment in history as a time that you really dug deep to make someone’s day, to spread love, to encourage others and show them that you care through words or gestures. Words especially are a powerful tool of expression that so often we don’t utilize as much as we should. Make this your year to show everyone how much they are cared about through real, thoughtful emotion.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, let’s give thanks like we never have before!

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  1. Dad and think this is beautifully written. We are so proud of you and the ideas you wrote to show what Thanksgiving is all about!
    It’s a different year this Thanksgiving, but you kindly told us how we can help others have a wonderful Thanksgiving by “our giving” to make their’s a special one!
    Thanks for posting, and the ideas! We especially thank you and Ruth for making ours special with your wonderful giving ways. God Bless You! We are thankful for you both and all the family!

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