Causes of Anxiety | Things we Cannot Control

So often we are faced with stressful situations that put our minds into a whirling out pour of negative thoughts that in turn causes anxiety. Anxiety can take over not just our minds, but cause physical health problems as well. It’s important to first recognize the things that we cannot control. Once we begin to move past those things, we are beginning the steps of controlling part of the cause of anxiety.


There are some universal things that no human has control over, no matter how much the illusion of that control persists. Below are examples of things that we cannot control, read through this list and pick some out that you may have experienced before, or you’re currently experiencing.


  • What they think
  • Their minds
  • What they say
  • What they do
  • What they feel
  • Whether they like you or love you
  • Their opinion of you
  • You changing someone else
  • Other people’s happiness, sadness or success
  • If they wrong you
  • Regret
  • What your children do (as kids and adults)
  • Life being fair
  • Pleasing everyone
  • Pandemics
  • The Past
  • Your age
  • Time
  • Genetics
  • The economy and the government
  • Death
  • Weather
  • Some illnesses
  • Natural disasters
  • Accidents
  • Traffic
  • Your boss or co-workers
  • Pain and heartbreak in life
  • Change
  • Your height, skin color or looks
  • Aging
  • Family

There’s a lot of emotional and mental turmoil and anxiety that can come along with attempting to fix situations that you can’t actually fix. Take what you have chosen from the examples above, and let them go. Leave the situation where it is and allow yourself to move on. Each day, practice recognizing what triggers your anxiety, ask yourself if you can fix it, and if not let it go.


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