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Many can attest to the benefits of Chamomile flower tea. Most of us know this flower best when dried and steeped into hot water, boasting a wonderfully sweet and light tasting bedtime tea. Chamomile, a flower originally found in Europe and Western Asia looks fondly like a small daisy. So many herbal flowers and plants make wonderful teas, but what some don’t realize is that these products can give even more intense and lasting benefits when used in a tincture form. Let’s talk about the benefits of Chamomile flower extract.

Chamomile Flowers
Chamomile Growing before harvested and dried.

A tincture or Extract, is made by placing large amounts of herbs into a jar and letting them soak into alcohol for a long period of time. This method creates a potent mixture of vitamins and nutrients that can be administered in a more controlled fashion, drop by drop. You can only get so much benefit from drinking a few cups of tea, but what if you could take a few drops of a tincture, two or three times a day and receive the benefit of drinking 10 cups of that tea or possibly more!

chamomile flower tincture

Tinctures are stored in sun resistant bottles for a longer shelf life. They also come with a dropper for accurate measurements in drops.

Benefits of Chamomile Flower

Research has shown that taking Chamomile Flower Extract daily has a list of immune health benefits. In my findings, I picked out 3 important reasons to try this age old tincture on a daily basis. Though there are many more to be told, these particular ones really stuck out to me.

Treats Mild to Moderate Anxiety

So many of us are developing anxiety in our lives for a laundry list of different reasons. It’s almost like the more the world and technology develops, life becomes faster paced and we feel the anxiety’s of keeping up with everything coming down on our shoulders. We start to hit walls and see doctors that prescribe medications that are having lasting side effects on other aspects of our health to try and “cure” it.

Health problems should never be covered up by the use of Western medications. I find it is important to dig deep and find the reasons you may be experiencing anxiety, and try to actually fix the problem instead of covering it.

Chamomile has properties that are soothing to the nerves in the body and brain. It also creates a sense of calm, and relaxation that when used long term could reduce anxiety problems. The tincture is easy to use no matter where you are experiencing anxiety. If you feel something starting to weigh on you, try taking a few drops in the moment, breathe deeply, and focus on the solution.

Aids in Restful Sleep

I mentioned Chamomile in a previous article called “Natural Supplements for Sleep”. In my research, I wanted to go a little deeper into using this tincture to aid in sleeping. Again, as I mentioned before it seems as though the hustle and bustle of life keeps us from the most important part of the day, sleep.

When you get a restful night the body has time to regenerate cells, repairs blood vessels in the heart, and can dramatically lower the risk of different diseases. Sleep is how we boost our immune systems, and keep our brains and bodies functioning best when we are awake.

Sleep is a natural part of our bodies make-up, so why would we ever take something unnatural to induce this cycle? This is where Chamomile Tincture comes in. A completely natural, from the earth flower that contains a natural chemical compound called, Apigenin. This compound actually binds to the receptors in your brain, making you feel sleepy, relaxed and calm.

Try adding 10-12 drops in water about one hour before bed. This will give the body and brain time to wind down into a relaxation state before you hit the pillow. ( Remember: Tincture’s effects can vary from person to person, if you have never taken a tincture before, I recommend starting with just a few drops and working your way up until you get the desired effects you’re looking for. You can also consult your doctor before trying any kind of tincture.)

Soothes Symptoms of Colds or Flu

When we aren’t feeling well, it can be difficult to eat, drink, sleep and have the energy to help ourselves. In the previous paragraphs, we know that Chamomile’s greatest benefit is it’s ability to relax nerves. As the body is made up of a giant circuit of nerves, this means it can possibly ease so many symptoms associated with cold and flu.

Some of these symptoms include, fever, headaches, upset stomach, muscle spasms, insomnia, and inflammation. Using a tincture made from this flower can give faster and better results. When we aren’t feeling well, we want relief as soon as possible. I believe that trying this age old herbal remedy could become a permanent part of your households medicine cabinet.

Why not give this Chamomile Flower Extract a try and see how it can help you!

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