Basics of the Immune System

The role of our immune system is to protect us from any foreign substance that could harm the body. These foreign substances are also known as antigens. Antigens include bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. When those organisms are found in the body, they trigger the immune system, which, in return, try to destroy the antigen with various mechanisms.

Our immune system can be divided into three categories; innate, adaptive and Lymphatic.


Our innate immune system is the first responder of our body, which includes our skin, immune system cells, and some chemicals in our blood.

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Our adaptive immune system is the system that remembers past attacks from antigens and is triggered to combat the same antigen more effectively. Have you ever received a vaccine? Vaccines will trigger your immune system to create an adaptive immune system so that when you re-encounter the antigen, it’s easier to fight it.

The lymphatic system is composed of tissues, vessels, and nodes that allows the body to get rid of toxins, and any waste that can be harmful to the body. His role is primarily to circulate a liquid called lymph, which contains white blood cells (like T cells and B cells) in the body.

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