My name is Katie and I am the editor of The Wellness Periodical. I am from Lancaster, PA and I currently live off of the Susquehanna River with my Husband Gabe, my cat Bindi, and my dog Birdie!

Health and wellness have always been a big part of my life, and the up’s didn’t always outweigh the down’s. I have struggled with autoimmune disease as long as I can remember and the passion I have for holistic healing is very important to me. Throughout the years I have been able to speak to many different people about their struggles with disease, addiction, eating habits, you name it. We would always get in these deep conversations on what works and what doesn’t, sharing thoughts and ideas to better improve well being. Later I thought, what if we could share these stories outside the walls and give other people hope for something they are struggling with? Often times many of us are faced with Western Medicine techniques and we are unable to find any answers. I find that the support of someone experiencing currently or who have previously experienced the same issues can be extremely healing in itself.

So begun The Wellness Periodical. My father Bryan, who owns and operates http://www.openarmsmarketing.com , a website development business here in Lancaster, has helped me to create this blog and bring this vision into fruition. A place for readers to come and share their own stories, and to also read and connect with others. Weekly I will share health tips, recipes, articles, products and stories in hopes to give support and inspire on different levels.

If you’re interested in showcasing your journey, business, products, or thoughts on making the world healthier or more sustainable, please email me with an overview of what you would like to share with others here on the blog. We will review your topic and return with interview questions to further gain more knowledge to create an article for our readers.

In addition, we also offer ad space and affiliate space for wellness related food, products or services. If you or your business would like to learn more about partnering with us, you can also email me from the address below!

Email : Katie@openarmsmarketing.com

Be well!

Katie, Birdie & Hubby