Relieve Stress with Exercise | 5 Ab Exercises Using a Pillow

Exercising is so important to not only your physical body, but also your mental health. Giving the body movement releases happy endorphins which is great for stabilizing mood and giving your brain a dose of love! If you’re feeling upset or overwhelmed, relieve stress with exercise and try this simple workout!

Try out these 5 Ab Exercises using a Pillow! A pillow can act as a balance which allows you to have more control over your crunches. Giving you an awesome core workout with your own weight resistance! Remember, if you’re new to ab workouts you don’t have to complete all the reps. Listen to your body, if you feel pain or become uncomfortable. It’s always okay take a break or lessen the amount of reps for the exercise.

  • Side Twists (3 sets of 25)
  • Toe Taps (3 sets of 30)
  • Extended Arm Crunch (3 sets of 20)
  • Knee Taps (3 sets of 30)
  • Modified Bicycle Crunch (1 minute)

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